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About Website Development

Website development sets the foundation for everything your company will personify online. Although there are many platforms that makes developing a website simple, for optimal results you need a team of experts to bring your company and brand to life. Developing a site for yourself may be possible, but is often times not ideal. There are also many different types of software to make filing taxes easier, but most likely you have an expert for that. Most people know how to change a tire, but you probably get your vehicle serviced with a licensed mechanic, right? You get the point…

As with everything we do at Traffick Media, the website development process always begins with understanding our customer, their business, their target audience and their goals. This deep dive is necessary in order to build a website that will reflect our customers and their messaging appropriately. For example, your messaging would be vastly different targeting an 18-24 year old target audience buying clothes than you would selling medical equipment to a target audience with a median age of 65, right? These conversations with industry experts combined with data analysis will make sure we are catering to the right audience thus driving more conversions and brand loyalty for your customers.

Tools We use

Website Development Fit Organics
Website Development Craft House
Website Development Strategy

Agile Methodology

At Traffick Media we understand how important it is for your project to be managed correctly. We specialize in using an agile methodology with “sprints” that allow for communication throughout the process to ensure our cutomers get what they expect the first time. A “sprint” can be defined as a goal for a specific product or stage in the process. Being aligned with our customers along these sprints provide transparency to our customers on a more frequent basis. We have found it’s much easier to swap flooring than it is to rebuild an entire house.

We know agile development encourages an ongoing process of involvement from all sides. Agile development’s core reason for existence is designed for flexibility and adaptability. If something isn’t working well or as expected, you can adapt quickly to ensure you get back on the right track.

Here at Traffick Media we have dealt with websites and projects of all sizes. We understand the involvement may change based on capacity of our customers, but rest-assured we have you covered.