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About Video Advertising

Video advertising is promoting content that can play before, during or after online streaming content. The most popular platforms for video advertising is through Google’s video network and of course, Youtube. However, video advertising can also be used as commercials on platforms like Sling, Hulu, Youtube TV and more. This methodology is a great way to promote brand awareness to specific audience types, but may not be as hyper-targeted as some programmatic display or PPC.

However, a big advantage of video advertising is the ability to immerse a potential consumer while simultaneously raising brand awareness and delivering your specific message. Some may argue that video advertising is the most impactful method of advertising, but it has to be done right.

The main goal of video advertising is to keep a potential costumer engaged in your content. Cheap production or a failure to disperse your message and call-to-action properly can deter potential consumers from your brand. However, done in the right way, video advertising can change the image of your brand. Traffick Digital Media is here to ensure you’re content is done right using the highest grade equipment and software to make your video stand out from the rest.
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