Top Windows 11 Utilities to Install

Functionality and Customization.

Now that the Windows 11 update has arrived, this is also means that third-party utilities for the new system are arriving as well. Some of these utilities will bring back favorited features from Windows 10 that were not included in the new update, while others will bring additional functionality to the current Windows 11. So, what are the top Windows 11 Utilities to install?

If you’re not a fan of the new Start menu in Windows 11, this is definitely a utility to look into. Start11 gives users more flexibility as far as looks and positioning of the Start menu. Users can bring back program tiles or lists of applications, move the start menu and taskbar to the top of the display. Start11 also brings back the context menu in the taskbar, improves taskbar results, and gives users the ability to create shortcut links to place near app icons. Start11 also partners well with another Stardock feature called Fences, which allows users to separate parts of the desktop to set groups of shortcuts.

This utility doesn’t change much, but if you’re missing the time and date displayed in the taskbar on every connected monitor, ElevenClock should prove to be useful. ElevenClock seamlessly integrates into the taskbar, supporting both light and dark modes, as well as other taskbar customization utilities. Users can also keep the date and time displayed when switching to full screen for applications.

-Winaero Tweaker
This utility isn’t specific to Windows 11, but performs well with the new update. It is also available on Windows 7, 8, and 10. This utility provides a plethora of different tweaks, or options, from backing up registries to disabling the Action Center. As far as specific tweaks for Windows 11, users can pull certain features from previous versions of the Windows system, including the right-click context menu, the Windows 10 taskbar design, the ribbon interface atop the File Explorer, and much more. Winaero Tweaker is also helpful for pulling system information and changing the appearance. This utility is easy to use and makes these adjustments as simple as clicking a checkbox.

ThisIsWin11 comes with a variety of setting modifications for personalization, privacy, gaming, and much more. Users can remove and restate default applications, automate certain functions, restore much of the look and feel of Windows 10, and even disable certain Windows 11 features. Particular privacy and app settings can be enabled/disabled, including microphone/camera access, location, Windows Hello biometrics, and automatic app install. In the Home Screen, users can see which version of Windows 11 is in use.

-Microsoft PowerToys PowerToys is an extensive collection of helpful, and at times experimental, features developed specifically for power users. This utility gives users the ability to work with customized layouts on open windows, rename files all at once, locate the cursor on the screen, remap the keyboard, File Explorer add-ons, and much more. As of late, Microsoft has released a universal mute feature, covering all of the video calling apps on the system. PowerToys sits in the Notification area in the lower right corner, allowing you to access the full menu of utilities from a single interface.

No doubt, there will be even more new utilities released, but these have proven to bring both added functionality and customization to Windows 11 users thus far.

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