The Value of Strong Brand Identity

An Investment in yourself and your Company.

Firstly it’s important to understand the difference in Brand Image and Brand Identity. Brand identity is how a brand displays itself to the public, or wants to be seen by customers. Brand image is how consumers actually perceive a brand, developed based on their impressions, beliefs or interactions with the company. A brand has less control over their brand image as it can and will vary to different customers. This is why it is so important to maintain consistency when developing brand identity and portraying the correct image to consumers. The value of strong brand identity is exponential as it improves brand image, in turn, promoting growth, building trust and credibility, and generating increased revenue.

One of the most obvious, and important, reasons you should create a strong brand identity, is that when doing so you create recognition among potential customers and differentiate your brand in the midst of competition. In order for a brand to become a “household name”, it’s name, logo, and content need to be highly recognizable. In addition to remembrance, a strong brand identity is also essential to building loyalty, trust, and credibility with customers. When a customer feels they relate, share similar values, or are emotionally drawn to the brand, they become more comfortable choosing that brand over their competitors. Increased recognition, credibility, and emotional appeal increases the likelihood of customer word-of-mouth recommendations, promoting growth and revenue. When a company or their products become well-known and well-trusted, what they have to offer becomes highly-desirable. A company’s first impression to customers is likely through their brand image and identity, therefore it’s crucial to promote a strong, high-quality brand identity as it shows customers that the company is serious about quality and takes pride in how they are displayed to the public. The quality of your brand identity shows the value of your company.

There are numerous factors when it comes to building or creating a strong brand identity, including logo, digital advertising, social media marketing, and visual content. If you are striving for a high-quality brand image and identity, it is critical to ensure that your website, content, and presence on any digital platform has the quality to match. It’s important to implement an exceptional and fully functional website, promote engaging content on social media platforms, provide optimal customer experiences, and to showcase your company through professional grade imagery and videography. Once you have adopted the desired brand identity, consistency is key. All of the content that you produce and promote should be cohesive with the identity you are working towards. An investment in brand identity is an investment in yourself and your company. If you are looking to build or create a superior identity for your brand, contact our team today!


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