The Importance of Video Marketing

See what videos can do for your brand.

Did you know that 90% of information processed and stored in the human mind is visual? In fact, we process images/videos 60,000 times faster than we do text. This is precisely why it is incredibly important to have a team that adds high-quality, professional videos to your marketing strategy. Not only do captivating videos grasp the attention of your audience, but also have been proven to hold that attention five times better than photos. However, the importance of video marketing isn’t just to grab consumer attention, but also has been shown to boost sales and conversions, attract new customers, provide more in-depth product explanations, and to help develop trust with your customers.

Including professional videos on your site can boost sales and conversions by 80%. When a consumer is able to see a product or service in action, there are significantly higher odds that they actually make a purchase. Videos on your website also keep users on the site for much longer and encourage users to explore the site, which in turn, shows Google that your site produces fascinating and informative content.

In the age of social media, using high-quality videos to promote your brand is more important than ever. Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily. Using your videos across social media platforms remarkably increases your likelihood of attracting new customers and expanding your customer base. When running campaigns we have the ability to show those videos to your target audience, specifically. This could also motivate your customers to share your content and social media allows them to do so, effortlessly. They say word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertisement!

Video content can give potential customers a better understanding of your product or service in a way that keeps them intrigued, making them more inclined to find a need for the product or service. It also allows them to get to know and be excited about your brand on a more personal level. Videos have the ability to evoke emotions in a way that text can’t, which can help to build trust among your target audience and increase the chances of them sharing your content to other potential customers.

If video content is not currently part of your marketing plan, you’re in the right place! Traffick Media produces high-quality, professional videos showcasing brands in intriguing and compelling ways. Elevate your company and see what videos can do for your brand.

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