Pet Technology

Caring for your pet has never been easier.

Technology in every industry is adapting, and pets are not being left behind! Whether you’re looking for new, or easier, ways to feed, monitor, or entertain, pet technology is expanding to keep pets happy and healthy, even when owners are away. If you love your pets as much as we love our Chief Doggo Officer, Ares, then you’ll love these new innovations in pet technology.

-Smart Feeders:
With companies like Arf Pets, PetSafe, and WESTLINK, pet owners can maintain their pets' feeding schedule despite busy routines. Automatic feeders now provide features such as Wi-Fi connection, food level sensors, voice recognition, and capability to schedule numerous feedings and track consumption.

If your dog suffers from separation, or crate, anxiety, Plug and Play Robotics may have the solution. ZenCrate is designed to relieve pet’s stress by utilizing motion-sensor activated fans and calming playlists that turn on when your dog enters their crate.

-Microchip Pet Door:
SurePetCare has developed the ideal pet door, allowing your dog to enter/exit when needed, without allowing the neighborhood stray cat, or other unwanted intruders, inside. The pet door will only open when it reads your dog’s microchip or RFID tag. Owners can opt to receive notifications when the pet enters or exits the house and choose when to lock the door. The pet door allows owners to control the door through the use of a smartphone.

With devices like FitBark, owners can monitor their pet’s activity levels when they’re away, giving you an insight of their daily habits when home alone or with a pet sitter. These monitors simply clip onto their current collar and automatically record their distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep to be viewed on your smartphone. FitBark also allows owners to share this information with veterinarians.

-Smart Toys:
Toys like CleverPet Hub and Pebby Smart Ball work to keep your pet entertained when they’re home alone. CleverPet Hub is a treat dispensing game for both dogs and cats, in which the touchpads light up and play noise in different sequences. Once the pet taps the correct touchpad, CleverPet dispenses a treat. The software can be adjusted to increase difficulty to continue keeping your pet busy. Pebby Smart Ball is a smartphone controlled ball allowing you to play with your pet remotely, using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in camera. Owners can also select auto-play to keep your pet entertained when you’re busy.

The use of pet technology is growing rapidly, and pet owners can expect new and exciting innovations to continue in the coming years. Other pet technologies include DNA health-screenings, treat dispensers, and smart litter boxes. Staying connected to and caring for your pet has never been easier.

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