Organic Social Posts vs. Paid Social Ads

Maximize your reach and Increase your Results.

Over the past several years, especially through the pandemic, social media has become an increasingly powerful platform for businesses to reach potential customers. When it comes to promoting your business on social media, you have two primary options: organic posts or paid ads. Organic posts are simply pieces of content, shared by an individual or business without paying for promotion. This can be any type of content, whether that’s a blog post or photos of a product or service. Paid ads, however, are advertisements that you’ve paid to have placed on potential customer’s social media profiles or in their feed.

While organic social posts are free and can be a great way to begin building brand awareness, organic reach can be limited. However, organic posts are a great method for connecting with your audience and building trust and credibility. Paid social ads can be a much more effective way to reach wider audiences and drive conversions. Paid social ads allow businesses to specifically target their audience with laser precision, ensuring that their message is seen by potential customers who have already shown interest in what they offer. Because of this hyper-targeting, paid social ads typically have a higher rate of engagement than organic posts, resulting in a higher rate of conversions.

It’s important to note that organic and paid social posts should not be seen as mutually exclusive. In fact, using organic posts and paid social ads together can be an effective way to maximize your reach and increase your results on both. Paid social ads can help to promote your organic content and extend its reach, while organic posts can help to build trust and relationships with your audience. Using organic and paid social together can be a powerful way to grow your brand and achieve your marketing goals!

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