Importance of Social Media Marketing

A vast audience of potential customers.

Due to the adverse effects of the pandemic, the importance of social media marketing for businesses has never been greater. As many businesses saw shut downs, slowed revenue, or just general uncertainty, many have learned how crucial it is to have a digital presence, in order to stay connected to customers and generate new business. Social media unites all demographics, allowing businesses to connect with a vast audience of potential customers, as well as existing customers. It also allows businesses to create brand awareness, showcase products or services, and increase website traffic.

Nearly 80% of the United States population, or 240 million people, actively use social media, making social media key for building brand awareness. More than likely your customers are online, and it’d be incredibly beneficial for your brand to meet them where they’re at and make them aware of what you offer. According to the Harris Poll, by SproutSocial, 55% of consumers learn about the brands or companies they purchase from via social media. In addition, consumer use of social media to discover new brands, services, or products increased by 43% since the start of the pandemic. This trend is expected to continue in upcoming years. As many social media users check their accounts numerous times daily, maintaining an engaging and informative social media presence keeps businesses relevant to existing customers and at the top of their mind when it comes time for future purchases. As customers begin sharing or commenting on your business posts, your content is then exposed to new audiences. Building brand awareness will both humanize your brand and build customer loyalty.

The use of social media to actually purchase products or services is up 36% in the last year, increasing the importance of social media marketing. As you build your brand awareness, customers become more familiar and comfortable with your brand, in turn making them more likely to engage in your posts, purchase your products, or use your services. Social media allows businesses to see which demographics are most engaged and brands can then create ads targeted for that demographic. It’s important to advertise to consumers that have already expressed or shown interest in your brand and what you offer. There are also numerous ways for businesses to promote their products without it always seeming like an ad, whether that’s running contests, telling your brand’s story, posting in relevant social media groups, or sharing deals and promotions. It’s important to post original content that is intriguing and encourages conversation about your product, at a time when your audience is active.

Lastly, social media marketing can be a vital way to drive traffic to your website, creating more inbound traffic streams. The more inbound traffic you have, the more relevant your website is to Google, in turn ranking your site higher on search results. Sharing blogs or other content to your social platforms is a great way to encourage customers to visit and explore your site. Include your website address in all social media profiles and advertisements so that customers who want to learn more about your company or see everything you offer can do so easily. As long as the information is still relevant, sharing valuable and actionable content more than once can be extremely beneficial in increasing traffic, as there may be many people who didn’t come across your post the first time. Remember, consistency with your social media and posting engaging content is key to receiving the results you want.

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