How to Create a Facebook Business Page

how to create a facebook business page

2 Billion Active Daily Users.

Creating and maintaining a Facebook business page, along with other social media platforms, is essential for businesses to connect with their target audience and generate new business. With nearly 2 billion active daily users, Facebook isn’t a social media platform to ignore! By using the step by step below, you’ll be able to create your free Facebook business page, simply and easily.

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First, you’ll need to sign into your personal Facebook via the mobile app or website .

If using the website, visit after logging in.

If using the app, tap the three line “Menu” icon and click “Pages”. From there, click “Create”.

Once on “Create a Page”, you will need to enter your business information in the panel on the left, such as: Page Name, Category, and Description. Once you have completed those fields, click “Create Page”.

Next, you’ll need to select Profile image. This image will accompany your name in any Facebook search results so it’s important to select a recognizable image, such as: your logo, a well-shot image of what you offer, or a quality headshot if you are a public figure. Once you have selected your image, click “Add Profile Picture”.

Next it’s time to select your Cover image. This is the largest image on your page, and therefore should display the personality of your brand or business. Once you have selected your image, click “Add Cover Photo”.

Ensure you are satisfied with your selections and click “Save”.

Once saved, you’ll need to create a username by clicking “Create Username” on the page preview. Enter the username you would like to use, to which Facebook will tell you its availability. Adjust the name if needed and once you see a green check mark, click “Create Username” again.

Before sharing your page, it’s important to visit the “About” section and complete the remaining fields. Scroll down on your page to a section called “Set your Page Up for Success”. Expand the drop down bar labeled “Provide Info and Preferences”.
Here you will enter the following information:
Website- if you currently have one.
Location Info- enter your business’ physical address if you have one, or the area you service.
Business Hours

Then, you will need to add a call-to-action. This encourages page visitors to interact and learn more about your business. To do this, complete the “Add an Action Button” section. Choose the button you want and click “Add Button”.

If you wish to complete these steps at a later time, you can access them at any time in the “Manage Page” menu on the left, and scroll to “Edit Page Info

Lastly, invite people to follow your new page. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the “Set Your Page up for Success” section and expand the drop down bar labeled “Introduce Your Page” where you will see “Invite Friends”. Select which friends you’d like to invite and click “Send Invites”.

Remember, it’s important to curate engaging content in order to encourage interactions and attract new followers to your page.

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