How to Create a Digital Business Card for Apple Wallet: For Free!

How to Create a Digital Business Card for Apple Wallet: For Free

Changing Post-Covid Business Interactions.

As business continues to advance, so must our methods of interaction. I can't remember the last time I was excited to receive someone's business card and imagine the post-covid idea of handing someone your phone to enter their phone number.

By using the step by step below, along with the images above, you will be able to quickly and easily add your vCard to a scannable QR code located in your Apple wallet.

First, you need to create your QR Code with your vCard information. See image 1.

Follow the link below for an easy to use tool to create this QR code:

Once you've created your QR code, ensure you have access to scan it before moving to the next step.

Creating the Wallet Card:

Download this app:

Here you will see a screen, see image 2.

You will need to customize the following:
Background Color
Label Color
Value Color

To add a photo or business logo, click the wallet creator logo on the top left. You should see the following options, on Image 3.

Once you've customized the content for the card, click the + button to add the QR code. See options on Image 4.

Add a barcode, this is where you will scan the QR code you created. Image 5.

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