Determining Your Marketing Intentions

Increase interactions and produce revenue.

In this day and age, there are a myriad of advertising resources available for companies in the digital landscape. These resources range from Google Ads to social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. With such a surplus of platforms in which to advertise, it can be overwhelming as a newcomer in the industry. Determining your marketing intentions is crucial, before making the decision on where to advertise and what content to display. Your marketing intentions are why you are advertising in the first place and what you seek to benefit from your advertisements.

The overarching goals of almost any business, that is running advertisements, are to increase interactions and produce revenue. It is important to consider the manner in which you would like to increase customer interactions, whether that be website visits, lead form submissions, store visits, app downloads, brand visibility, or phone calls. Determining what methods would be most beneficial to your business is one of the vital steps on the path to a successful digital presence. These goals do not need to be concrete and can be adapted as the wants and needs of your business change.

After investigating and determining the goals of your business, deciding where and how you want to advertise becomes increasingly easier. Whether your intentions are phone calls or increased web page views, determining this allows you to create a plan and have an idea of where your adventure in digital advertising is headed before you even start. A good advertising strategy is only as good as the product that it represents, so having the knowledge of your company’s strengths, that need to be focused on, gives your advertisements a greater chance of success. Once you have fully determined the what’s and why’s of your future advertising, it is time to begin investigating which of the various platforms can best fulfill the goals of your business.

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