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How To Make Money On YouTube

In recent years, YouTube has become a popular platform for content creators to showcase their talents and make money. However, the process of making money on YouTube is not as…

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how to check battery health on apple devices

How to Check Battery Health on Apple Devices

Battery Health is crucial to the longevity of devices. Checking your Apple device's battery health can be done via Settings or a free app.

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technologies to assist in caregiving

Technologies to Assist in Caregiving

For those who need assistance at home, these smart technology innovations could be exceedingly helpful in making life at home not only easier, but also safer.

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amazon astro

Amazon Astro

If you’ve ever wanted a robotic assistant, you’re in luck as Amazon recently launched Astro, an Alexa-based, household robot. Astro is essentially Alexa with digital eyes and a rotating screen,…

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How to Create a Digital Business Card for Apple Wallet: For Free

How to Create a Digital Business Card for Apple Wallet: For Free!

As business advances, so must our means of communication. Here's how to create a digital business card for apple wallet, for free!

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pet technology

Pet Technology

If you love your pets as much as we love our Chief Doggo Officer, Ares, you'll love these new innovations in pet technology!

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top windows 11 utilities to install

Top Windows 11 Utilities to Install

Now that the Windows 11 update has arrived, so have helpful utilities adding more functionality to current update. What are the top Windows 11 utilities to install?

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free tools to help your business

Free Tools to Help Your Business

Business owners stay busy, so it's important to find tools to assist or save you time. Here are some FREE tools to help your business.

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gaming on the rise

Gaming on the Rise

While the pandemic affected most industries, gaming is the exception. 2020 was a record year for gaming. What could 2021 bring?

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Virtual Reality… For More Than Just Gaming.

Virtual Reality… For More Than Just Gaming.

2020 was the year of adaptation, so what can we expect from the AR/VR world in 2021? Whether shopping, working, or self-care, virtual reality is for more than just gaming.

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