benefits of graphic design in marketing

Benefits of Graphic Design in Marketing

A well-designed website, logo, or advertisement can make all the difference in whether a potential customer decides to do business with you. There are many benefits of graphic design in…

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how to create engaging social media posts

How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

As a business, it’s your job to ensure that your social media posts capture their attention. No worries, Traffick Media has you covered with a few tips on how to…

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increase brand awareness through digital marketing

Increase Brand Awareness Through Digital Marketing

When it comes to building brand awareness, there's no doubt digital marketing is the most efficient and effective way to reach your audience. Read more about how we can increase…

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organic social posts vs paid social ads

Organic Social Posts vs. Paid Social Ads

Using organic and paid social posts together can be a powerful way to achieve your marketing goals! Read more about the benefits of each!

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instagram business account

How to Create an Instagram Business Account

In recent years Instagram has become a top platform to sell products and connect with customers, users visit over 200 million business accounts daily. Here is a step by step…

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how to create a facebook business page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook has over 2 billion active daily users, so it is not a social platform for business owners to ignore. Here is a step by step to a free Facebook…

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importance of social media marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Due to the adverse effects of the pandemic, the importance of social media marketing for businesses has never been greater.Social media unites all demographics, allowing businesses to connect with a…

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