Benefits of Utilizing Google Ads

A Crucial Part of Digital Advertising

Google ads have become a crucial part of digital advertising, as they allow businesses to hyper target the demographic of customers who have already shown interest in what they have to offer. Additionally, online ads allow businesses to track if the targeted audience actually engaged with the advertisements and provides the opportunity to reach those who did. Utilizing Google Ads comes with numerous benefits including targeting, cost control, measurements of success per ad, and campaign management.

The ability to target your ads is key to running successful campaigns. Targeting allows businesses to display their advertisements to specific audiences who have consistently shown interest in similar products and services. To hyper-target the desired demographic, Google Ads offers options such as keywords, ad placement, demographic age and location, time and frequency of ad display, and the type of devices you wish to display on. By choosing keywords and phrases related to your business, Google Ads can show your advertisements to potential customers when they make a similar search or visit similar websites. Ad placement allows your ads to be displayed on Google search results and other desired sites that are connected to Google Search and Display Networks. Age and location options are critical after determining your target audience, as this allows your ads to be shown to a very particular demographic of customers, within a specific location. The ability to choose time and frequency of ad display is extremely helpful as you are able to show your ads precisely when your target audience is most likely to engage. Additonally, you are able to decide which types of devices to display on, whether that be all devices or the devices that you have found are most frequently used when customers engage.

When utilizing Google Ads, businesses have complete control over how much is spent on each ad, each day. As these advertisements are paid per click, businesses only pay when customers engage in the ad. With this, businesses are able to see every time a customer has clicked on their ad and how much engagement occurred after that. This includes time spent on your website, any purchases, or other engagements such as phone calls, etc. With the ability to measure the number of engagements, or lack of engagements, per ad you’ll be able to determine where in your campaign is best to invest, in turn creating a better ROI. Google Ads also provides data on customer’s buying habits and how much you’re spending on an advertisement before a purchase or phone call is actually made. Lastly, with a variety of tools, Google Ads makes campaign management easy. My Client Center (MCC) allows you to see and manage all of your accounts in one location. Google Ads Editor allows you to manage these accounts, on or offline. Simply download your account information, make any edits or changes while offline, and upload to Google Ads.

If you want to reach the right customers, in the right time and place, it's important to ensure that Google Ads are part of your marketing plan. If your business is missing this crucial component, contact our team today!


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