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About Application Development

As the digital landscape continues to grow, application development is at the forefront of that expansion. With mobile usership steadily increasing, and brands searching for more touch points for reaching potential customers, mobile apps have become the new thing. As a result, our development team brings years of experience to the table both with application development, updates, and management.

Starting in 2010, our team worked to develop Cyberdust a mobile application like “Snapchat”. However, this app was only for text that would disappear once read.  After the application sold to Mark Cuban, our team no longer played a role in the company’s future.  Development then began on Hinge, a dating application that rivaled the likes of Tinder and Bumble, for its dating forward app by coining the phrase “the only app we ever want you to delete.”  Hinge was built and sold to Match Group where it sits alongside a large portfolio of dating applications and websites such as, plenty of fish, tinder, and many more.

Our developers typically use a multi building platform called Xamarin. However, our team can build in all types of code.  Our team is also fluent in “bubble” which is a code free development tool for web-based applications.  No matter the budget our team can find a solution for you. At Traffick Digital Media, it is important to us to ensure that your request can go the distance and we can focus on expanding your digital foot print.

Why Traffick?
While Traffick Media primarily focuses our efforts on Digital Marketing, we currently have three applications in progress under our development.  The Limo App, Timeout App, and Best Ride, all share the ideology of our leaders that technology should work for you and not the other way around. Whether its reinventing transportation/ride share or changing the way athlete’s think of mental health, our portfolio is designed to streamline how we use the internet to benefit all, faster and easier.
Application development process

Our Process

At Traffick Media, we understand how important it is for your project to be managed correctly. We specialize in using an agile methodology with “sprints” that allow for communication throughout the process to ensure our cutomers get what they expect the first time. A “sprint” can be defined as a goal for a specific product or stage in the process. Being aligned with our customers along these sprints provide transparency to our customers on a more frequent basis. We have found it’s much easier to swap flooring than it is to rebuild an entire house.

We know agile development encourages an ongoing process of involvement from all sides. Agile development’s core reason for existence is designed for flexibility and adaptability. If something isn’t working well or as expected, you can adapt quickly to ensure you get back on the right track.

Here at Traffick, we have dealt with applications and projects of all sizes. We understand the involvement may change based on capacity of our customers, but rest-assured we have you covered.

1. Plan & Research

2. Feasibility Assessment

3. Wireframe

4. Design

5. Testing

6. App Launch

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